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About Dentist Guide
Since 1990, dentist guide has provided dental professionals in Egypt with ?concise, accurate, and objective information about the performance of dental ?products, equipment and materials.? It was the first publication of its kind, in the Middle East, featuring product ?ratings, long-term clinical information, and comparative product tables.? ? Since its early days, Dentist Guide has broadened the mission of providing ?objective information to the marketplace, as well to the dentists in a sincere ?effort to improve the level of products and care available to the patient.? Over the years Dentist Guide has provide the support of professionals, dental ?companies, and patient as well. ? Dentist Guide is also a leading dental communications company operating in ?Egypt produces a variety of market leading titles, conferences and events. In ?addition, we have a highly active direct marketing division which works with ?dentistry's leading companies. From our beginning we were dedicated to ?dental publishing, in addition to many other activities related to dental world, ?now we publish around 10 dental and medical titles a year throughout the ?world. ? First we have been publishing the Dentist Guide directory and distributing it ?for free to dentists, dental centers, dental students, dental companies, dental ?laboratories, hospitals, government institutions and others. Our first priority was always to connect dentists with dental companies in ?order to improve communication between them. Through our directory, ?dentists are able to stay informed about all the new products in the dental ?market, and where they can purchase them. Our directory provides a lot of ?valuable information on the uses and qualities of the materials and products in ?the dental market which are classified according to use. This sets apart the Dentist Guide as the most prominent way to advertise in ?the most widely distributed and well known dental directory in the Middle East. Dentist guide also specializes in holding dental exhibitions, conferences and ?seminars on the latest scientific developments in the dental world in addition ?to organizing workshops for new dental materials and products that are ?introduced to the local market. Dentist Guide is proud to have a highly specialized marketing team that works ?on distributing dental products to dentists, dental centers, dental students, ?hospitals and government institutions. We also have a scientific team that ?provides technical definitions for all products that are new to appear in the ?local market. This is in addition to our market research team that specializes ?in conducting market research. This research is of great importance to the ?dental industry to estimate the size of the dental community's needs for dental ?products and to determine suitable prices and distribution channels in the ?market. The mission of Dentist Guide is to improve oral, dental health through ?researches, training, and dissemination of health information.? ? The collaborative areas of focus regularly overlap as materials, ?methods and knowledge expand for the lab setting into patient care ?and from dentistry into the medical field, which we are putting now a ?great emphasizes on it. In a relatively short period of time, Dentist ?Guide has made significant progress with an optimistic future ahead ?Dentist Guide is committed to providing a comprehensive range of ?services with an emphasis on patient involvement and advanced ?technologies.? For the past ??19?? years DENTIST GUIDE, has played an active role in ?introducing foreign advanced technologies, reinforcing the academic ?exchange and cooperation in dental health services, and encouraging the ?technical progress and service level. It has witnessed the prosperity of dental ?health services: firstly in Egypt, and recently in all Arab countries, especially in ?gulf area, we also made great contributions to the development in the dental ?technicians qualities, service levels and scientific management levels.?


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